Buy and sale
With the MainMarket’s Online Seller Express Services, you are guaranteed to start your retail business right away without having to worry about the cumbersome work involved in deciding what to sell and how to get started because we would do all of the heavy-lifting for you!

Be A Vendor With Ease

Through our Seller Express Services, We act as a vendor on your behalf!

From choosing what to sell to warehousing, product sourcing, packaging, shipping, order fulfillment, inventory management and customer services, we got you all covered!
With our team of retail experts, we would handle these heavy tasks for you. All you have to do is hand over your retail-startup capital at the Seller Express Center, relax and just be the boss!
Our 25% commission after all expenses ensure we only eat from our own cooking!


Earn Monthly Income

With the Seller Express Services, you can grow an alternative source of income while saving your time for the things that matter most as you take advantage of the synergies provided by our chain of online stores and retail experts!
Net income from sales would be distributed at the end of every month. With this you can be sure that your next income is right away! Read our terms and conditions.

Eat from your own cooking!

With our easy to navigate SellerExpress Center, you can purchase goods and services with deposits and earned income! From our numerous product selections, you can earn even while spending just with a single click!


Judge Us By Our Performance

You will be able to monitor your monthly, quarterly and yearly earnings rate and judge us by our performance. ¬†We’re simply here to serve you! Terms and Conditions governing our Seller Express Services can be found here.