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12pcs Hand glove sponge

12 sets, left and right hands, bath hand gloves

1Pc Salon One Step Professional Hair Infrared Dryer Straightener Volumizer Styler New Design HKS

Item Type:Comb Model Number:2336 POWER:1200w Material:PLASTIC Size:10cmx32cm

24k goldzan with peptides

24k Goldzan is made with peptides and free from paraben. It is an anti aging serum

24K Perfume (EDT – 100ML)+body spray

Mild perfume Classic Mens perfume Fresh,clean and affordable EDT Long lasting fragrance

25 Paris P2G Skin Lightening, Polishing And Glowing Lotion 500ml

KEY FEATURES Skin Lightening and Polishing Lotion 500ml Reducing the production of melanin in the skin. Treat skin problems such as: freckles age spots acne scars discoloration related to hormones Affordable

2in1 anti snoring and air filter

Anti snoring and air filter filters the nose for easy passage of air thereby stopping snoring.

2in1 Cantu Shea butter shampoo + deep treatment masque

Shea butter for natural hair shampoo and treatment masque is made from natural products to give your hair a silky look.

2in1 Nadinola secret face glowing cream + glow on oil

Nadilions secret helps you bring back your glowing skin and makes it look flawless.

2in1 piment doux white express + whitening lotion

White express is a 5days whitening lotion, it removes hyperpigmentation.

2in1 shine oil knuckle cream + perfect leg

This serum and cream clears away stubborn dark spots on your knuckle areas and legs.

2in1 St Ives softening coconut + oatmeal body wash

St Ives softening coconut and orchid body wash + oatmeal is made from natural products