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3pcs Abro leather cleaner

For cleaning of every leather material.
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Comfort Fabric Cloth Conditioner 2 Litres- Blue

Key Features -Always check the side of your fabric softener bottle to make sure it’s okay to use on your fabrics. -Comfort comes with a small dosing cap. -Pour the fabric softener in to the cap according to the instructions on the bottle. -Pour Comfort in to the correct drawer of your washing machine (check the manual as this varies between makes), switch to your chosen wash and your machine will take care of the rest. -Fabric softener is added in the final cycle to ensure the softness and fragrance remains. -Once your clothes have been washed, make sure they’re thoroughly dried. -Line drying in particular helps your clothes get the ultimate in long lasting freshness that Comfort fabric softeners provide.
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Deep Action Glass Mirror Cleaner 2pcs

Glass cleaner 1000ml x2
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